June 2019

I have been catching the majority of my fish on drop shot flukes, on spinning tackle, in 10-20 ft of water. Top water baits have been good for the first few hours of the morning. I’m focusing on main lake points and docks with quick access to deep water nearby. Windblown areas can also be great as they congregate bait fish and other prey species. Carolina rigs with a 4’ leader have been good in the late afternoon. For this rig, I’m using a 7” berkley power worm in green pumpkin.

May 2019

Transitional areas are important during this time of the year. I don’t want to have my boat positioned too far back into the creeks. Instead, I am looking for the first stretch of deep water out in front of the areas where the fish have been spawning. Drop shots and shaky head worms have been doing well for me. I am focused on water in the 10-15 ft depth range. For the shaky head worm, I am using a 4” zoom finesse worm in green pumpkin. For the drop shot, I’m using a zoom fluke in the albino color.

April 2019

Some fish are still spawning, others are already done. If I’m up shallow looking for spawners, I’m flipping a compact, beaver or rodent style bait in green pumpkin. I’m focusing on flooded bushes in the backs of creeks. If the wind is blowing, I’ll pick up a spinner bait with willow leaf blades. For post spawn fish, I’m out in front of the spawning creeks, fishing semi-deep structure with Carolina rigs and deep diving crank baits. When it’s calm, I throw the Carolina rig, when it’s windy I throw the crank bait.

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