Bass, Largemouth

14.21 lbs

James Penny

January 25, 1993

My commentary: It really just seems like Lake Travis is a big bass factory. It’s not uncommon to hookup with a 5 lb or larger bass on a regular outing. Sure, it helps to have someone knowledgeable in the boat with you, but there’s a lot of them swimming around. I think it’s the fantastic food base and ecosystem that surrounds the fishery, that makes it so good. I would say Lake Travis is definitely underrated for it’s big fish potential. With as many docks there are on lake Travis, there’s plenty of cover for the fish to hide under when it gets bright and sunny out. Also, there are countless brush and rock piles spread throughout the lake.

Bass, Smallmouth

4.50 lbs

Robert Hough

March 31, 1992

My commentary: Small mouth bass are common on Lake Travis. Similar to other area lakes, there’s plenty of steep rocky banks and gravel habitat to sustain a healthy population. The closer to the dam you fish on these regional lakes, similar to Travis, the better the chances you have of catching a small mouth. A 4.5 lb small mouth is no joke, and with as aggressive as they are, I’ll bet it felt like a 6 lb large mouth. Small jigs can be an excellent bait selection and any variation on the colors brown and green will mimic a cray fish well. The cray fish is a favorite prey item of the small mouth bass.

Bass, Guadalupe

3.69 lbs

Allen Christenson

September 25, 1983

My commentary: The Guadalupe bass are really something else. They don’t get huge, but they’re a lots of fun and their coloration is vivid, to say the least. They’re often mixed in with other groups of fish and it’s quite common to catch them when fishing for large mouth. The Guadalupe bass, given the preference, would tend more toward a habitat nearby flowing water. The unique banded pattern they have is very distinct and noticeable from the boat, when you’re reeling one in. They look almost like a small mouth crossed with a spotted bass.



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