Lake Travis is a phenomenal fishery. There are so many fish swimming around, it’s incredible. Life is teaming at nearly every corner. All it takes is an expert on board, to increase your odds of connecting with a trophy bass. Whether it’s birds, minnows, snakes, or raccoons, it’s evident that to support this life, there has to be a nutrient-rich environment. On Lake Travis, I’m always seeing bait swimming nearby. At night, with the aid of my headlamps, I see all kinds of critters hunting for a meal at the water’s edge.

A lot of people don’t realize how good Lake Travis really is. I have heard many people question the fishing due to the amount of pleasure boaters and recreational traffic. The truth is, these fish are used to the boat traffic, and I don’t believe it affects them really in any way. Sure, if you’re right over the top of them in shallow water, they’re likely to spook, but that applies anywhere.

My techniques on Lake Travis, really aren’t all that different from some of the other regional lakes that I have fished. It’s a clear lake, with steep banks, and lots of rocks. Occasionally you’ll find brush and various types of flooded vegetation. I like to use light line and small baits, to get as many bites as I can over the course of a day. If I’m hunting for big fish specifically, I’ll use big swim baits or larger profile soft plastics. Also, top waters do well at attracting big bass. My favorite top waters are the traditional popper and the walking cigar-style Zara Spook type bait.

Lake Travis is a huge body of water. It takes quite a bit of time to get from one end to the other. But, there are so many places to stop and fish. One could imagine a lake this size to have a variety of types of cover that fish like to hide in. I try to hit as many spots as I can in a day. This way I give my client the best chance for success. Also, if the wind blows and I’m isolated to one specific section of the lake, it’s no problem at all. I have a ton of GPS way points spread out all over the lake and I have likely caught fish somewhere close by, recently.

Contact Info:

Kleigh Westphall

Professional Fishing Guide


Great experience. Kleigh is passionate about sharing knowledge and is a pleasure to fish with. He understands how the fish behave. He was very prepared and even though lake Travis was very crowded, we still caught plenty of quality sized fish and enjoyed his company and knowledge. He has great control of his boat and is a great guide.