September 2019

Summer is still here and will be for at least the next month or two. That considered, it’s important to focus on offshore locations near deep water access, where fish can access cool water. I’ve definitely noticed that the bite is better near the lower end of the reservoir, meaning closer to the dam. I believe there is more deep water current which transports cool water and oxygen. This current can be generated at the dam and or from the prevailing wind coming through. I get far more bites using compact baits, especially when the fish aren’t extremely active. I would recommend a small black and blue craw imitation, worked slowly on the bottom over brush piles or grass patches. Best fishing hours are early morning and late evening in low light conditions.

August 2019

I am getting quality bites fishing offshore brush piles in the 25 ft depth range. I like points that drop into deep water quickly. I look for tight bends in the creek channel that come up close to these distinct under water targets. Drop shots are definitely a go-to presentation and I am focused on mimicking shad.

July 2019

Right now it’s all about fishing deep water close to shallow water. This is especially true in the early mornings and late evenings. During low light, I’ll pick up a zoom lizard in the junebug color with a 3/16 oz bullet weight. I’ll fish this on a Texas rig, dragging slowly on the bottom. When the sun comes up or during the afternoon hours, I’ll transition to a drop shot or Carolina rig. It seems right now that the fish are keyed in on shad, so I’ve been throwing a lot of flukes. I may even pick up a spinner bait or rattle trap depending on how much wind we have.

June 2019

I definitely haven’t been fishing super deep. They’re starting to move out somewhat, but still on the tail end of the transitional type areas. What I mean by transitional is areas where a shallow bank becomes steep. The change in the land, visible from the shore, creates an edge for fish to congregate and navigate. The perfect area might be where small rock on a flat bank meets a more severe sloping bank with big boulders.

May 2019

There’s a mix of post spawn fish and even some late spawners! I’m looking for the first deep water near the shallow bays they’ve been in for the last couple of months. I want access to fresh, oxygen rich water where fish can recover from the spawn. Carolina rigs are super good during this time because they trigger lazy tired fish. I find that the longer the leader, the better. Of course, the drop shot is a good choice as well because you can leave it in one area and shake it in place to entice sluggish bass.

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