Bass, Largemouth

11.69 lbs

Kenneth Smith

July 10, 2001

My commentary: There are a lot of large mouth bass on this lake. It’s not uncommon to see big schools suspended in open water, as long as it’s a clear calm day. With so many fish swimming around, you have to learn to weed out the larger ones from the group. To do this, I upgrade the size of baits I throw and work the area thoroughly to try to entice a big bass. The biggest fish in the lake tend to spend most of the year near deep water. As deep is a relative term, on this lake I would focus on major depth breaks. This can mean a ledge at 10 ft dropping into 80 ft or more of water. Big bass travel up and down the ledge looking for an easy meal and if their environment becomes unstable for any reason, they will ease back out into the channel.

There are only so many places on Canyon Lake that can support a big large mouth. I like fishing offshore brush piles and deep rock piles. Of course main lake ledges are always a great choice. Most experienced fishermen agree that trophy caliber fish relate to changes in bottom contour.

Bass, Smallmouth

6.13 lbs

David Vorwerk

December 2, 1982

My commentary: It’s amazing how many small mouth are on this lake. I usually catch at least one small mouth every other time I go out. Some spots on the lake provide better natural habitat for the small mouth, and in these areas I tend to catch plenty of them. Small mouth bass like deep clear water with rock and gravel nearby. They feed on small minnows and cray fish. The best places to catch small mouth are new the dam on rocky points. I like to use ultra light Carolina rigs, small Texas rigged worms or jigs, and drop shots.

I normally don’t catch small mouth all too often on top water baits. I’m not sure why this is the case. But I have caught them this way, and when I do, the bite is explosive. Small mouth bass are very aggressive, and it’s not uncommon to catch a small one and think it’s much larger than it actually is. That’s what makes them so much fun to catch.



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