I have been fishing Canyon Lake, seriously for the past 12 years. I have learned an immense amount of information and it’s all culminated into a precise method that I share with my clients. Being a clear lake, it’s important to fish very stealthily. When I pull up to a spot, I kill the engine at least a 100 yards away and I keep my trolling motor on about 25% speed, to eliminate noise. Every lure and line selection I make is done with a finesse style approach and I try to make ninja-like presentations to the high percentage targets, where I believe fish live.

Canyon Lake is not a huge lake. In fact, it’s quite manageable to cruise from end to end a couple times in a day to pursue a better fishing spot. I have tons of GPS way points spread out all over the lake, and as such, I like to move often to find more productive water. Sometimes we forget that fish have fins, and they move on a daily basis. Just because I caught them a few days ago, doesn’t mean they’ll be there today.

My favorite baits are soft plastic worms. I like to throw finesse-style worms in the 4” variety on a drop shot rig. Also, I will put a small fluke on that same rig to mimic a struggling shad. However, when I’m throwing a Texas rig, I like to use a 7” Berkley Power worm, generally in a green pumpkin color. This color seems to be quite effective, really on any body of water across the country.

If I had to narrow down specifically, the types of areas I prefer to fish on Canyon Lake, I would say the primary the best places have shallow water close to deep water. It’s no secret that big bass use creek channels as highways, and as such, where the creek channel swings in close to the bank, it makes it easy for the fish to move in quickly to feed. During the heat of the day, they’ll move back out to the nearby river channel to recover and access cool, oxygen rich water.

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Kleigh Westphall

Professional Fishing Guide



Kleigh is an excellent guide and teacher. We fished Canyon Lake and Kleigh put us in all the right spots to catch fish.